27 Jun TeraNova Unveils Fleet Management Solutions Portfolio

In partnership with Modus, a leading supplier of vehicle telematics, TeraNova has launched a fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions portfolio. The two companies have collaborated on several fleet management engagements, leading TeraNova to develop the new offering to support existing and new customers with solutions that track vehicle location, condition and driver behavior.

 The new offering helps fleet managers save time and money by streamlining operations and decreasing fuel and maintenance costs. With reporting on fuel fill-ups, fuel usage, time spent idling and vehicle efficiency, actionable insights are provided to identify areas that can be streamlined and improved. Additionally, the solution provides notification of unauthorized vehicle use and vehicle health issues, as well as the ability to better estimate arrival and delivery times to set customer expectations more accurately, and enhance customer service.

The move positions TeraNova as a go-to service provider for fleet managers dealing with considerable changes due to imminent federal regulations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has mandated the adoption and use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) by all drivers required to complete paper records of duty status. The rule kicks in over the next two years and applies to commercial trucks and buses with a few exceptions such as short-haul drivers using time cards. 

TeraNova’s new offering also helps fleet managers with IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) compliance by streamlining the time-consuming chores of deciphering driver handwriting and extensive paperwork.  

In addition, Driver Inspection Video Reports (DIVR) will become commonplace in verticals including fleet, law enforcement, public transportation and school districts, among others. This market – anywhere one would want video for liability, safety and security reasons – is set to take off.

TeraNova’s team has the experience and partnerships with leading Internet of Things (IoT) vendors to help organizations implement these new technologies and get the most out of them.

“Selecting a platform and dealing with the hardware can be challenging,” explains TeraNova Managing Partner Natasha Royer Coons. “You need to determine whether to build or buy. You have embedded modules, sensors, antennas, power supplies, deployments in vehicles as well as buildings. It’s complex, and it is critical to lean on people who have expertise.”

In TeraNova, clients gain access to that expertise as well as a one-stop shop for sourcing and implementing fleet management solutions. Channel partners – independent technology distributors and consultants – also can rely on TeraNova to help their clients with fleet management applications.

“If our channel partners have clients with fleet applications, chances are good that we can help each other to the benefit of those clients,” adds Royer Coons. “And partners can be as hands-on or hands-off as their time allows. Having operated in the space for some time, we get a bit of both. Some partners dive deep into an application and hold the client’s hand throughout implementation; some simply make an introduction and hand off everything to us.”

For more information about TeraNova’s fleet management offering, contact our experts at info@teranovaglobal.com or call us at 800.843.2820. 

Robert Titsch

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