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To pinpoint low hanging fruit and monitor ongoing mobility use, we upload a company’s mobile information into Visage’s MobilityCentral, a powerful mobility management tool that merges HR directories, carrier data and mobile devices to produce analytics related to spend, inventory management and policy compliance.

We then analyze the client’s program and identify appropriate means of re-architecting it to reduce spend by at least 25 percent. After lowering mobile expenses initially, we generate monthly Pulse Reports and optimization recommendations that regularly lead to even deeper savings, and we perform all necessary changes.

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Through MobilityCentral, we can provide a client’s employees with policy updates and notify them of the changes via email. The software’s reporting feature also allows us to generate custom reports based on  international roaming or data usage, to cite just two examples, and notify top spenders about their high usage.

Enterprise mobility is complex. Manual analysis and processing takes time. Carriers speak different languages, and making basic changes and overseeing trouble tickets takes valuable hours away from your staff and their core functions and responsibilities. Out-task your mobility management to TeraNova and:

  • Shrink your mobile invoice
  • Gain control over assets and spend
  • Create user visibility
  • Promote overall corporate responsibility with wireless spend
  • Alleviate IT, HR and financial resources in managing mobility

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