28 Feb Natasha Royer Coons to Speak About IoT Opportunities at Channel Partners Las Vegas

TeraNova’s Managing Partner Natasha Royer Coons will speak in the session “IoT in a Box: Are Prebuilt Bundles Right for Your Business?” at the upcoming Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas.

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of devices – from sensors to smartphones to appliances and wearables – connected together via the Internet and combined with automated systems to gather information, analyze it and create actions that lead to efficiencies and improved outcomes for businesses and consumers.

Service providers, distributors, IT suppliers and others are promoting pre-assembled sets of IoT hardware, software and sometimes connectivity, often tailored to specific verticals. For partners without integration expertise, these can seem like a win-win. However, the IoT market is far from shaken out, with literally hundreds of platforms available and new innovations constantly coming online.

In the Channel Partners session, Royer Coons will join Steve Brumer, a partner at IoT Group, to debate whether IoT bundles are a smart business bet or a recipe for lock-in, and discuss the pros and cons of an “in the box” approach versus custom integration.

The session begins at 11:20 a.m. on Wed., April 10 at the Mandalay Bay, the Channel Partner show venue. Partners looking for new revenue opportunities – even those without any IoT experience – should mark the date because the IoT frontier is expanding fast. Companies in just about every vertical are getting active or planning to get active with the technology.

Robert Titsch

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